Canucks Fan Picks Nose, Texts & Hits On Chick At Same Time! [VIDEO]

You know why we know Vancouver Canucks fan is a douchebag? No, it’s not because he’s still wearing one of those Lance Armstrong bands and some other stupid wristband. It’s also not because of that ‘stache and the sideburns. Or the douchey polo shirt. It’s because he’s with a Vancouver 9 and he’s picking his nose in her presence. Can’t excuse yourself & hit the john to nose grind?

Instead, Canucks Douchebag makes several attempts to dislodge this boog.

Posted: September 20, 2011

Premise of Video: (via the vlogger) During the 1st period of the Canucks preseason game against Calgary at Rogers Arena (Sept. 20, 2011) a fan relentlessly picks his nose using multiple techniques including the “rim-pick” and “thumb-forefinger pincer strike.” Some people have a hard time picking a winner during these preseason games, but this guy had no trouble whatsoever.

Climax of Video: The climax came later when Canucks Nose Picker & the chick shared a tub of popcorn. Slick move, Canada.

Conclusion: Pray that she didn’t go back to his flat and have sex with him. Seriously, pray hard.


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