38 Great Moments In Drunken West Virginia Football Fan History

Got this message from Andrew earlier today: I’m taking the country roads back home this evening to start the long weekend of ridiculousness which is certain to take place.  It’s pretty certain I’ll be up at the ass-crack of dawn on the Mountainlair green waiting for gameday to start- wearing my West Fuckin Virginia shirt screaming obscenities to Erin Andrews in an entirely blacked out state with hopes that we have a chance at beating the Tigers.

As a resident of the Metropolitan DC area working for a government contractor, I didn’t have the chance to take a vacation this summer.  So this weekend will be an all-out full-force debauchery.  The city of Morgantown thinks they can prepare for the fires and riots that will inevitably ensue (win or lose, we still booze), but I have the feeling this will be a weekend to go down in the record books.. 

So if you’re looking for firsthand accounts of the action, I’m more than willing to snap some pics or give my best intoxicated play-by-play accounts of the “Wild and Wonderful” madness which is sure to take place.

-WVU alum,

So there you have it, BC Nation. Andrew kinda going on the record predicting he’ll commit a felony Saturday/Sunday morning. We love you crazy bastards.

Of course we’ll be in Morgantown to document the craziness. Wouldn’t miss this one.

If you want to help document the craziness at WVU or on your campus, send pics that are BC worthy.

[email protected]

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