Lorenzo Neal DUI Legendary Witness Girlfriend Writes To BC [Cuff ‘Em]

Samantha wrote to us last night re: this Lorenzo Neal DUI case: “It’s more regarding Kevin Spring, ya know, the Jeff Spicoli look alike. Well, ya see, he’s my boyfriend. And one day, as i decided to google all the important people in my life, we googled him. And this amazing article came up. Crazy to hear other people find Kevin as fascinating as i do. He wanted to email y’all, but decidedly had me do so instead. He just wanted to thank you guys. Tell you you’re tight. Rad.” 

And more.

Thanks again! you guys are awesome. -Samantha p.s. his shorts are even shorter now. and his stache has only grown more awesome.

In case you don’t remember Kev from over the summer, here is a refresher. Could be the 2011 Cuff ‘Em of the Year and it’s only mid-September.