A Look Inside Kevin The Intern’s Purdue Frat Pad [PHOTOS]

Just look at Kevin and one of his boys destroying plates of powdered donuts and chocolate milk by the half gallon. How about Meat with that cellphone just perched right where he can get to it to check the latest Oregon cheerleader update from Busted Coverage. You want to know the real story with these two titty monsters? They are the Williams bros. Combined weight of 800 pounds. One is 26. The other is 18. If you know how to reach them, we’re looking for food editors.

So what’s up with these two? Oh, nothing, just a mother who’s feeding them to death, according to the Daily Mail.

Cynthia Williams has raised sons Joseph, 26, and Mathew, 18, on a diet of doughnuts, fried chicken and pizza and they once weighed a combined total of 1,200lbs.

For breakfast she gives the boys six large cream filled doughnuts with chocolate milk, followed by piles of fried chicken and pasta for lunch.

She would later fill their ten-inch dinner plates with hamburgers and fries.

Amazingly, the family would snack between meals on chips, pizza, cookies, sweets while washing it down with litres of fizzy pop.

The three of them weighed a total of 84 stone at one stage thanks to their non-stop eating with the boys too heavy to work, exercise or socialise.

Always someone trying to ruin the fun. Mom should just f-off and just be responsible for the grocery runs. Seriously, get two 52″ LCDs and headphone these monsters. They get to watch what they want, when they want to watch it. Lingerie Football League on Friday with a 50-piece from McDonald’s? Um, ok.

Of course all these media types in England are trying to ruin the fun with rumors of heart disease and diabetes. Um, look idiots, there is no way to get on The Biggest Loser and look at Anna Kournikova’s ass in those insane Spandex if you are 5-10, 195. Back off.

Joseph added: ‘I have a lot to offer and I want to work, but weighing nearly 29 stone I have no chance. It is really depressing. Food is the only thing that keeps me going.’

BC is actually looking to hire and could use a food runner. Only responsibility is to get us breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Looks like these are perfect candidates.

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