Western New Mexico Bus Blows Up, Team Wins Football Game Anyway [Photos]

The Western New Mexico University football team was on their way to play Fort Lewis College on Friday when the team bus caught on fire and exploded.

A tire blew on U.S. 550, while the team was en route to Durango, Colorado, the home of Fort Lewis. Sparks flew, the bus caught fire almost immediately and eventually exploded.

“Sparks went up and kind of very very quickly it happened,” said head coach Adam Clark. Athletic officials can’t even begin to estimate how much was lost. “We lost everything basically,” said Clark.

The team was stranded at a high school for several hours, but still made it to Durango to play their game on Saturday. They managed to get some of their gear off the bus before it exploded, borrowed some from Fort Lewis and Nike donated new cleats for the team.

After getting a new bus, the team finished the trip and went on to beat Fort Lewis 26-17.

No one was injured in the fire.

[WNMU wins football game 24 hours after team bus explodes]


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