Toledo Fan Is Arkansas State’s New Offensive Coordinator [VIDEO]

BC tipster Qwait (odd choice of nickname) sent word this morning that we missed the Toledo fan this past Friday night. “He’s a toolbag and making blowjob gestures on ESPN. Good job toledo,” Qwait writes. Ahh, but wait, maybe Brian (sounds like a good Ohio name) is just trying to make a resume tape for the future Arkansas State offensive coordinator job. That school seems to like a guy who can make solid oral sex motions on national TV.

Watch as Brian gets his two seconds of fame.

Posted: Over the weekend

Premise of Video: Brian figures it’s time to update his Facebook profile with an appearance on ESPN. Afterall, it’s #4 Boise in town. Ahh, moments in college that’ll be great bar stories when you’re 28.

Climax of Video: Brian shows his form.

Conclusion: We’re pretty sure he’s single, visits Windsor, Ontario titty bars and cruises Facebook chat on Fridays after failing to land a chick at BW3s.

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