Nike Outfitting Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders In Pro Combat! [28 PHOTOS]

It’s all the rage for college football programs across the country. The battle between Nike and Under Armour to out pro combat each other is at a fevered pitch. But there is only one sporting manufacturer that seems to be getting into the cheerleader pro-combat market and, oddly enough, it’s Nike. Say hello to the camo, two-piece Oregon Ducks’ cheerleader uniforms that recently made their world debut against Nevada.

Your move, Song Girls.

Back in 2006, it was announced that the UO football team had 384 different uniform combinations. Little did anyone notice that the cheerleading squad also had several different choices. Phil Knight, sensing an opening in the cheerleading business, came to the rescue.

Did you know that Nike sells a $38 two-piece Oregon cheerleader uniform for infants? Oregon State has a uniform, too.

But it was the Pro Combat camo uniform (typical uni is gold with green trim) that really caught our attention and, according to our industry sources, could change college cheerleading uniforms forever. Could Under Armour follow with a Maryland state flag mash-up for the Terrapin ladies?

Expect it, soon.

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