Lady Gaga Continues To Do Dumb S#$% At Sporting Events [Photos]

Lady Gaga was at the MetLife Stadium last night to watch the New York Giants handle the St. Louis Rams and, surprise!, she continued her streak of doing stupid s$%^ at sporting events.

Gaga, who sat in a private box with her entourage, was drinking champagne and at one point decided to pour out a glass for her homies… of something.

Word is, she poured it into a handicapped spot in front of her box. Fortunately, there wasn’t a handicapped person sitting there, but who knows if that would have stopped her.

Last summer, Gaga attended a Mets game at Citi Field. She arrived halfway through the game in a studded bra and was roundly booed. She responded by flipping off the other fans at the game.

Shortly thereafter, she managed to get banned from the New York Yankees clubhouse for being drunk. She was reportedly fondling her breasts and pounding a bottle of Jameson.

Actually, that’s our kind of broad.

Here’s a look at Gaga getting boozed at the Giants game.

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