Todd Blackledge Finally Unloading 1984 Mercedes-Benz [PHOTOS]

First, let’s just say the headline is a little deceiving. From what we can tell from CarFax reports, Todd Blackledge unloaded his 1984 about a year ago as it went through a car auction, according to documents. Now it’s on eBay for all to see. Blackledge, a Penn Stater who went to the NFL with the K.C. Chiefs, bought this car in 1983. It was with him for 27 years. Through thick and thin. Through his bachelor days.

Todd waxes poetic about his ride in a sorta weird report he gave on how the car was purchased and its history.

“With a wife and four kids, the car became very impractical a long time ago. I held onto it for so long for two reasons: it was the first car that I ever purchased, and it represented the last remaining link to a very special season of my life, the exciting, and challenging life of an NFL quarterback,” Todd wrote in a letter that’s being offered with the sale.

The first rounder went 20-for34 during that 1983 season with a whopping 259 yards. Todd would eventually start 29 NFL games and finish with 29 TDs & 38 INTs. Quite a career.

But he could always look out in the garage and that Mercedes. You can, too. Seven days remain on the auction.

Highlights of the Ride:

• 135,000 miles

• Never driven in the harsh NE Ohio winters

• 5.0 V8

• Rear A/C!

• Power seats in a 1984 model!

• Todd Blackledge drove it

• Sirius Satellite Radio (factory installed) – thought to be first car in U.S. history to have satellite radio installed at the factory.

• Todd Blackledge owned it, ate McDonald’s in it & eventually found a wife in it

[Buy Todd Blackledge’s 1984 Mercedes 500 SEC Coupe]

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