Tebow Statue Police Booting Vols’ Fan For Disrespecting Bronze Tebow [PHOTOS]

We just happened to be on a Nashville-Jacksonville flight Friday morning with a bunch of Vols’ fans headin’ down to The Swamp for some pigskin. With the Southwest seating arrangements, BC ended up in the back of the bird with camo-hat wearing boys who were thirsty. One guy drank five beers in an hour. And it was like 9 a.m. Flash forward to Saturday when UT fan decided to disrespect Tebow statue.

Not cool, according to Tebow statue police.

@TylerG10 likes himself some Phish and Vols. He also took time out of his Saturday to head on down to that Tebow statue and shake a pom in Timmy’s face. That’s when the police stepped in and told Tyler it was time to move along.

And in this age of Twitter, we ended up with photos that show Tyler’s daring attempt to disgrace the single-most influential figure in Florida football history. Sorry Emmitt.

Your move, ‘Bama fan (Saturday, October 1).

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2011 ESPN GameDay: Florida State Vs. Oklahoma [36 PHOTOS]
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