Meet The New York Mets Rookie Cheerleaders [Photos]

The New York Mets cheerleaders are kind of like New York Mets baseball itself — ugly.

Of course, that’s because they’re all guys. The Mets got in on the rookie hazing yesterday by making several members of the team dress up in cheerleading outfits complete with the team logo.

Among those donning skirts were Lucas Duda, Dillon Gee, Josh Satin, Jason Pridle, Mike Nickeas, Justin Turner and Josh Thole, who, for some reason has had to dress up for three seasons in a row.

Turner left this tweet last night for a hater:

If you had any ability 2 play this game that ur sooo good at talkin shit about, u might have got a dress! Enjoy the games from the seats pal

The players wore the uniforms on the flight from Atlanta to St. Louis. Brace yourself and then check the gallery.


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