Larry Merchant Would Kick Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Ass [VIDEO]

It was the best fight this weekend – Larry Merchant vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Sure, the pay-per-view fight that you suckers purchased was a giant cluster$%^&^. Sure, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the biggest piece of garbage in boxing history. Sure, the sport of boxing wouldn’be be talked about if it weren’t for Mayweather. Of course you want to hear Floyd and Larry go at it.

Ever heard of respecting your elders? Not happening here, folks.

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Premise of Video: Floyd Mayweather Jr. just won a disgraceful fight over some character named Ortiz. Floyd goes into ridiculous mode fairly quickly on Larry who is just trying to get an interview and then back to his Vegas room where he has the hoes lined up and ready to party.

Climax of Video: Well, it’s pretty much all a climax.

Conclusion: Easily a top-five sports interview of the year contender. Kudos to both sides for their verbal pugilistic skills. Makes it so much fun when both sides banter and talk about kicking some ass.

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