Fake Vince Young Is Sex Offender Stephan Pittman [TWEETS]


Vince Young is rightfully freaking out this afternoon on Twitter after breaking the news that some black dude going around Washington D.C. claiming to be the Eagles’ backup QB. But this isn’t just some random nutjob, this guy, Stephan Pittman, is a scary dude. Pittman is a registered sex offender who is known to police.

Accordingly, Vince has been glued to Twitter with hopes that the crazy dude leaves him be as the third-string QB.

To the my fans and the media, please be aware that there is man in the DC area that has been impersonating me. He is a career criminal.

“Crazy when people think this matter is funny”. I will send up a prayer for you to ask God to forgive you.

Ladies, you’ve been warned. Vince is not looking to get in your pants. Run, fast.


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