Crowd Reacts To Mariano Rivera’s Record 602nd Save [VIDEO]

It’s kinda a shame that Mariano Rivera couldn’t get his 602, and MLB record, save against the Red Sox or to clinch an A.L. East title. But you won’t hear any of the 40,000 or so who showed up for a Monday afternoon game complaining. Think about this for a minute: Rivera has only given up 20+ ER in a season – as a full-time closer – three times. Still don’t think Rivera has been that dominant?

The guy has faced 4800 hitters and only surrendered 933 hits. Still not buying the dominance? 2.22 career ERA.

Posted: This evening

Premise of Video: Instead of fighting with MLB over copyrighted videos, here you get to see a first-hand account of the madness when Rivera slammed the door on 602.

Climax of Video: So long, Trevor Hoffman.

Conclusion: Can this record be broken one of these days? Sure, records are made to be broken, but keep in mind that Mariano is now 41. Trevor Hoffman was 42 last year, his final MLB season. The person who breaks the record must be with a dynasty, miss very few games to arm issues and be on a perennial contender. Ain’t gonna be easy, folks.

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