16 NHL Media Twitter Must-Follows For 2011 Season

With the first puck drop of the NHL season just a few weeks away (or 17 days, 8 hours, 54 minutes, and 34 seconds, not that I’m counting or anything) it would be probably be smart to follow a couple of Twitter NHL media greats. It’s nice to be able to have one place to go to so you know what’s going on. Maybe I should go ahead and compare each media person to a male archetype we are all familiar with? Nah, I’ll just get straight to the point on this one.

1) @wyshynski– Greg Wyshynski- Editor of Puck Daddy

Maybe I shouldn’t say this on something my bossman is going to read. But, I can’t function without reading Puck Daddy at least once a day. It’s like a horrible crack addiction I can’t shake, except not so horrible and I don’t want to shake it. His site is informative, entertaining, and a good place to get a ton of NHL news.

2) @darrendreger– Darren Dreger- TSN Hockey Insider

He is always in the know and tends to be the first one to break contract news. A must follow.

3) @TSNBobMckenzie– Bob McKenzie- TSN Hockey Insider

Want to know who signed with whom for how long and how much? He’s got you covered. He and Darren Dreger were my go to read during free agency frenzy.

4) @Buccigross– John Buccigross- ESPN Anchor

‘We love you, this won’t change a thing’ is one of my favorite articles. Give him a follow, I’m sure you will enjoy.

5) @Real_ESPNLeBrun– Pierre LeBrun- ESPN.com NHL columnist and TSN Hockey insider

He writes for ESPN about the NHL, yes, ESPN writes about hockey, shocking I know. I’m hoping to see a lot more of his work now that the NBA is locked out.

6) @Dchesnokov– Dmitry Chesnokov- Writer Puck Daddy

His coverage of the KHL Lokomotiv crash was extensive. I have nothing but mad respect for the reporting he did during that difficult time. Interested in what he will do during the season.

7) @DaveLozo– Dave Lozo- Writer NHL.com

Sarcastic and funny tweeter (Tweeterer? Twit? Twat? I don’t know the official term) to follow. Oh, he writes about the NHL too. Come for the NHL news, stay for the wit and sarcasm.

8) @drosennhl-Dan Rosen- Senior writer NHL.com

Great insight. Great analysis. Great stories. Great follow.

9) @JTBourne– Justin Bourne- Former player turned writer

Eloquent and captivating, two words that I don’t think I have ever used to describe a current or former hockey player. He gives a great insight as to what it’s like playing hockey. You can read a lot of his work here. If you don’t mind the occasional cat picture tweet either, give him a follow.

10) @Razor5Hole– Daryl Reaugh- Dallas Stars color analyst

Dallas fans describe him as “easily the most hilarious dude in hockey.” If you want a better idea of who he is, check out his bio on his blog.

11) @heylandsberg– Michael Landsberg- Off The Record

You only need one reason to follow him: this is that reason.

12) @tysonnash– Tyson Nash-Phoenix Coyotes Color Analyst

He spoke out about depression and the NHL on his Twitter a few weeks ago, but he usually tweets random pictures that will either make you laugh or go WTF?

13) @jeremy_roenick– Jeremy Roenick- NBC Analyst

He doesn’t keep his opinions to himself and always says what’s on his mind. That’s what makes him a great follow on Twitter.

14) @downgoesbrown– Sean McIndoe- Down Goes Brown

He is a great follow. His blog as well as his tweets will keep you laughing. He was on fire the other day with his #NHLSocialMediaPolicy hashtags.

15) @thefourthperiod– David Pagnotta NHL Reporter & Editor-in-Chief The Fourth Period

His Twitter is a great place to get a bunch of different kinds of NHL information. I’m also a huge fan of the magazine. Definitely worth a follow.

16) Your team’s PR, Media Relations, and beat writers

These people tend to post a lot of behind the scenes stuff about the team. You might catch a fun picture of a player, some news, a great quote, and insider info that might not be posted on the actual team’s site.

17) @JessicaRedfield– NHL Correspondent bustedcoverage.com

Why should you follow me? Well, the question is, why shouldn’t you follow me?

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