Ashton Kutcher Watches Iowa Pull Off Historic Comeback And His Wife Is Still Hot [Photos]


The Iowa Hawkeyes pulled off a historic comeback against the Pitt Panthers today.

The Hawks were down 27-10 in the fourth quarter and won 31-27, the biggest comeback in the school’s history.

Celeb Hawkeyes fan Ashton Kutcher was on hand to witness history.

You’re probably thinking, why in the hell is Ashton Kutcher a Hawkeyes fan? Well, he’s from Iowa and as someone who has family in Iowa, I can tell you they’re rabid about the Hawks.

For a celebrity, Kutcher is actually a pretty decent sports fan. In addition to attending Iowa games, he also makes his way to see his pro team, the Chicago Bears, quite often.

On occasion, he’ll show up with his much older wife, Demi Moore.

We honestly have no idea if she was at the Iowa game with him today, but we do know this. Even though she’s old as hell, Demi Moore still looks good.

Real good.

So, here’s our salute to the Iowa Hawkeyes and broads over 40 who take care of themselves.

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