Meet Strikeforce Ring Girl Jordan Daniele [Photos]


We don’t know a hell of a lot about MMA, but we do know a lot about hot chicks and we know one when we see one.

Strikeforce ring girl Jordan Daniele is one.

It kind of makes sense, since she’s also a model.

Daniele is from Pittsburgh, stands 5’9″, is part Sicilian and part Russian and has a 32-inch bust line… if you’re into that sort of thing. Her magazine credits include Vogue ItaliaTransworld Motocross, and Strip Las Vegas Magazine

Daniele’s Twitter profile also says something about sex, drugs and rock & roll, so she’s definitely cool with us. We’re starting a petition to get the rock & roll replaced with Busted Coverage, but that’s another story.

So, if you’re interested in closing out your Friday by staring at photos of an almost-naked hot chick, well, you’re in luck!

We probably should start watching this MMA stuff, if only just for the ring girls.

[Jordan Daniele on Twitter]

[Hot Potato Gallery: Strikeforce Ring Girl Jordan Daniele]

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