Kardashian Sisters Don’t Like Kris Humphries [Photos]

Kim Kardashian’s sisters now have something in common with us — they don’t like her husband Kris Humphries either.

In fact, Us Weekly is going so far as to say Kourtney and Khloe hate the former New Jersey Net.

An April get-to-know-you family trip to Bora Bora with Humphries, 26, wasn’t exactly paradise. The athlete criticized Kourtney, 32, for being a “slave” to her son Mason, 21 months. His constant roughhousing with Kim also rubbed her sisters the wrong way. “He’s like this weird, big clumsy oaf,” a source said. “Kris is getting famous for marrying a Kardashian.”

Trouble in paradise already?

We think it’s hilarious that Us Weekly’s source is accusing Humphries of marrying Kim for fame. What the hell did the Kardashian’s get famous for?

A sex tape, that’s what.

At least Humphries has a discernible talent. He can rebound a basketball.

What the hell can Khloe do, other than look like a tranny and drain Lamar Odom of his basketball powers? And Kourtney?

Well, hell, we don’t even know. We guess she can stand around and look semi hot, but that’s not even a talent, is it?

So, in honor of those no-talent Kardashians accusing Kris Humphries of having no talent, we’re giving you a gallery of Humphries’ no-talent, sex-tape-slinging wife and her bountiful ass.

Now that we think of it, Kim’s ass probably has more talent than Khloe and Kourtney put together.