Former NHLer Russ Courtnall Unloading $8.5mm Digs [BC Pad Purveyor]

You know how often we come across a hockey player unloading a house worthy of the BC Pad Purveyor series? Like, never. So imagine our surprise when the name Russ Courtnall reentered our lives via news that the former right winger was unloading an $8.5mm California home. Earlier this week, we told you about Adrian Beltre’s over-the-top mansion with 15 bathrooms.

In reality, the place sucked. Not Courtnall’s. For less than half of Beltre’s you can have this crazy view and a family room that opens to the outside world.

What’s Courtnall’s story and where did his money come from? His wife is Paris Vaughan, who appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Wayans Bros. Her mother is a famous jazz singer. In other words, Russ must have invested his cash like a mad genius. Sure, he played 17 years of hockey, but that’s not saying much during the 80s and 90s.

Anyway, Russ did good and is now selling this dream home. (Hopefully he’s not broke. That would be such a downer.)

Courtnall Crib Details:

• 5 bed, 7 bath

• 8,400 sq. ft.

• Limestone flooring

• 5 car garage & separate garage for golf cart

• The most insane wine cellar we’ve seen since laying eyes on the one at that restaurant at Mandalay Bay

• Views of more than neighbors (suck it, Beltre)

Price= $8,500,000

Mortgage= $50,000 a month

[Buy Russ Courtnall’s Thousand Oaks Pad – Trulia]

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