Brenda Warner Transformation Climaxes With Appearance On The View


She was dogged for years over the butch, spiked hair and frumpy clothes that reminded male NFL viewers of a wife stuck in 1993. Since Kurt Warner regained prominence in Arizona as the organization’s savior, Brenda Warner has become (dare we say) easy on the eyes. According to our research, Mrs. Warner is in the 42 range.

She has a new memoir about her life and The View found time for the Warner family this morning.

What else did we learn about Kurt & Brenda? Oh, that they met at a redneck cowboy bar where Kurt dazzled his future bride with his amazing jeans and slick shirt. He eventually realized that Brenda had a handicapped son, but that didn’t matter. Their love was solid. She didn’t mind that he was a loser Arena football player making minimum wage. Or that he worked at a grocery store.

The two would go on an amazing run all the way to The View.

*Be sure to follow @WarnerBrenda where she’ll sometimes do tweet flirting with her husband.

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