Better Dirk Nowitzki Tattoo? The Back Or Ass Tat? [PHOTOS]

First there was the Dirk Nowitzki ass tat dude. It was the kind of tat that makes a huge splash on the Internet but then fades away because it’s not seen unless Dirk Ass Tat dude wears a mankini to the beach. Enter Dirk Back Tat Bro. He’s super Mavs fan – at least for the last couple years. Dedicated. Loves his German 7-footer. Loves being a world champion even more. Time to get some ink.

Here is the cry for attention tweet that, ironically, caught our attention:

@Mark_Cuban please give this man some love. Name is Strebb. He is a Dirk hero. Great white hopeless.

The back tat has only received 18 views. Guess Cubes missed this one.

Shockingly, the back and ass tat look nearly identical. Must be same artist. Look, we think the back tat is the ballsier move here. Of course the ass has the shock value, but only a wife or GF is ever going to see that.

Imagine taking the kids to a beach and people staring at you wondering how the shaggy guy ended up tatted into your skin. Ass guy doesn’t have to endure the same ridicule. His ass comes in handy as a bar novelty item.

This one is pretty much a toss up.

Do you have a sporting tattoo we need to see? We’ll make you famous. Try us.

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