Baseball Mascot With Giant Dong For Sale On eBay


The Amarillo Sox, a member of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball, is selling its mascot costume on eBay.

Big deal you say?

Well, the reason they’re selling it is because they can’t use it anymore. When the mascot, which is supposed to look like a sock, was introduced it was roundly mocked and even offended some people because it looked like an extremely aroused yellow man.

Now it can be all yours!

The opening bid is $5,000 and the Buy It Now price is $25,000.

The ad states:

Featured in Sports Illustrated, the Huffington Post, Failblog and many others, now is the opportunity to purchase this piece of Amarillo baseball lore for a great cause.  The Amarillo Sox are incredibly excited to feature this one-of-a-kind item to the public.

One-of-a-kind indeed.

Just think, for only $25,000 you can be the hit of every Halloween party you attend. Hell, why not use it to make your friends laugh year round by showing up in totally inappropriate family settings like baseball games, parks and youth soccer games!

[Remember that inappropriate mascot? It’s up for bid on eBay]

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