A Cowboys-Jets Fan Fight Without Taser; With Camera Slap [VIDEO]

By now you ESPN junkies have seen the grainy video of Cowboys fan opening up a can of Taser whoop ass on Jets marine during the Sunday night game. That one has played itself out and we’ve moved on to Cowboys-Jets verbal war that includes Emmitt Smith-jersey chick bitch slapping the vlogger’s camera. This is why we awake in the morning. Fans who can’t really afford tickets to said game, go to game and eventually stick a finger in Jets’ fan’s face.

You just got your ass rolled out of MetLife, Backwards Hat Guy.


Posted: Sept. 13, 2011

Premise of Video: We assume both sides were gaining bigger beer muscles by the minute and ‘Boys fan had enough of Jets’ fan calling his girlfriend a pig. One thing led to another and Backwards Hat Guy was furious. Security comes in, it’s 9-11, and decides to roll ‘Boys Fan.

Climax of Video: At first it appears the highlight is the finger going into Jets fan’s face. No sir. Watch Emmitt take a swing at the camera. AWESOME!

Conclusion: We’re pretty sure the old lady in the background shit herself. Like, wet, down her leg shit. Pretty sure.

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