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Texas State Football Jersey Gets @Heathero14 Mirror Treatment [PHOTOS]

She’s been named the World’s Sexiest Mavs Fan & Hottest Texas Rangers Fan. Now @heathero14 is odds-on-favorite to be named Hottest Texas State University fan in our 2011 Hottest Texas State University Fan contest. Polls close at midnight EST. That means all you ladies who desire this crown, must bust out the TSU jersey – quickly. Send all submissions to

In other news, the Texas State football team has been defeated by a combined score of 95-20 in its first two games.

Texas Tech – Loss – 50-10

Wyoming – Loss – 45-10

At least the offense is consistent. The Bobcats look to get back on track with their home opener against Tarleton State. Yeah, no idea where that is either.

Texas State, this is your consolation.

[Follow: @heathero14]

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