Ole Miss Unveils Its Sundress Mafia On Unsuspecting Nation [Morning Twitpic]

After yesterday’s revisionist look back at the FSU Cowgirls, BC received an email. Hunter in Tupelo mentioned the sundresses at Ole Miss for last Saturday’s victory over Southern Illinois. “You want real Southern women…here you go,” Hunter wrote. And there they were.

The Ole Miss Sundress Mafia. Belted. Tanned like a fine handbag. Bare shoulder. Toned like fitness models. Raised on Pork Chops & mashed taters. Reminder: Get to an Ole Miss game, ASAP.

Have intel on the Ole Miss Sundress Mafia? Are you part of the Mafia? Does your school have a Sundress Mafia? Tip your editors.


[HT: @scottyglahn]

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