Hottest Erin Andrews Squat Workout You’ll See All Day [PHOTOS]


Erin Andrews continues her march towards a career away from ESPN with the debut of her Self Magazine photo shoot where Pageviews shows women how to not be fat. Look, you throw her on Good Morning America with Josh Elliott and you have the new Katie & Matt. But there is a build-up to that day. Until then, you get the 33-year-old doing squats and various other exercises for Self.

This one goes out to all those BC female readers who’ve put on a few during that pregnancy. Snap to it, ladies.

Look, if Erin can get her ass in shape after traveling around the country eating at burger joints, you can, too. Don’t even think of using laundry or cooking dinner as an excuse. Want to look hot for that husband who works his ass off so you can watch Rachel Ray at home? Learn something.

[HT: Sharapova’s Thigh]

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