Florida State Sideline Reporter Kristen Ledlow Could Be Next Erin Andrews

Been doing some hiring here at BC. Actually went out and found us an editor who will handle “The Next Erin Andrews Hunter” beat. What the hell is that, you ask? Folks, there isn’t a cable operation out there that isn’t looking for a pretty young lass. The days of Lesley Visser lookalikes grilling coaches about halftime adjustments are over. We’re officially opening a consulting business that’ll uncover the hottest, most intelligent sideline talent available.

Today we meet Kristen Ledlow, a 2010 graduate of Southeastern University where she was an All-American volleyball player. Meanwhile, in her spare time, Ledlow was busy working hard at her communications classes and on her beauty pageant techniques. She’s Miss Capital USA (Tallahassee) and has a passion for sideline reporting.

10 years ago you wouldn’t find many high school girls hoping to be the next Erin Andrews. Times have changed. Ledlow now wants Pageviews’ job. All you have to do is look at Kristen’s Facebook page where she ‘Likes’ College GameDay and College Basketball GameDay.

The facts as compiled by The Hunter:

• Two syllable last name – perfect.

• Comfortable in a bikini

• Has that sporting background which gives her instant street cred

• Interned with ESPN during ESPYs

• Has a young Michelle Beadle look crossed with Jenn Brown-like bikini background

• Is sideline reporter for ESPN Tallahassee

• Day job is as TV anchor for The Good News Show

Twitter account is in the infancy stage. Get in now and brag later

Hunter’s Estimated Hire Date At ESPN or Fox: Um, less than a year

Hunter’s Expert Analysis: If you want a sideline reporter popping off the screen, Ledlow is your new hire. She knows the Florida football scene and would fit in on SEC sidelines on Thursday nights.

If you are a sideline reporter hopeful that should be on The Hunter’s radar we expect you’ll email us indicating your interest in our FREE scouting services.

[email protected]

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