Chris Carpenter Sees Jaws Sh** Bomb, Raises Him An F-Bomb [VIDEO]

Our St. Louis friends at sent word this morning that Chris Carpenter had his very own Ron Jaworski moment on TV last night during a game in Pittsburgh. J. Boyd writes, “This may have been a favorite moment of mine so far this season for the Cardinals. Carp, obviously pissed off after giving up a game tying HR goes a little Tourette’s and lets them fly for all (including the cameras).”

Just a warning, the video is kinda crappy but that’s on our end.

Posted: By us a little bit ago. Yes, it’s a horrible copy job.

Premise of Video: Chris Carpenter doesn’t seem likely to go f-bomb and sh** bomb in the same outburst. Until now.

Climax of Video: Are you deaf?

Conclusion: Ron Jaworksi just apologized for Carpenter’s outburst and said the two will be forming a new alliance to stomp out cursing once and for all in the sports world.



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