Yes, Broncos Fan To Pay For Play Tim Tebow Billboards [Message Boards]

You know they love their Tim Tebow in Denver.

Hell, they love Tim Tebow everywhere in God-fearing country.

Whenever Broncos starting quarterback Kyle Orton faltered against the Oakland Raiders on Monday night, the locals were calling for Tebow, paying no attention to the fact he’s essentially third on the depth chart.

Apparently they’re giving Orton one more week to give a Hall of Fame-worthy performance before demanding the reins get handed to Jesus H. Christ himself… I mean Tim Tebow. A group of Broncos fans pooled enough money to put the following message up on two downtown Denver billboards if Orton falters against the Bengals this week:┬áBench Orton, Play Tebow.

Succinct and to the point.

Also idiotic, but hey, the Broncos aren’t sniffing six wins this year. They may as well play the second coming AKA the third string. Hell, why did they draft Tebow in the first round if he wasn’t worth a shit? Oh… yeah… Josh McDaniels did that right?

And why didn’t the organization trade Orton away during the offseason if TT was so great? Oh… right… he couldn’t beat out Brady Quinn for the backup job.

It sucks when your fans don’t have any hope after the first game of the season.

[Raised enough money for a billboard – Broncos Country]

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