Vincent Jackson Chargers Fan Destroys Vikings Bro’s Beer [VIDEO]

Five years into this Busted Coverage Project® and we know one thing about NFL fan fights: when Ozzy’s Crazy Train starts playing, fists start flying. It’s like a fat guy facing an x-tra large meat lovers. Somebody is going down. Take Sunday at Jack Murphy where Vikings bros were running their mouths and Chargers fan was just defending his home turf. Backwards hat Bro had a few words with Vincent Jackson and eventually things turned into an x-tra large meat lovers.

No, Big Bird doesn’t get his face smashed.

Posted: September 12, 2011

Premise of Video: Big Bird and Backwards Hat Bro are in town to catch some rays, destroy some broads and watch their Vikings kick some Chargers ass. What they don’t realize is that these Chargers fans – the Latino ones – have been saving their cash all summer for Game One. And we know from previous game at Jack Murphy, when Latinos decide your ass is going down, it’s going down.

Climax of Video: Backwards Hat Bro is caught off guard by the Tijuana Loco Left Hook.

Conclusion: Why couldn’t Big Bird get his face smashed? That would have made this one at least a four-star video. Backwards Hat Bro promptly went and plunked down another $10 for a horrible plastic bottle of swill.

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