Manny Ramirez Arrested For Bashing Wife’s Head [Cuff ‘Em]

Just a hunch that Manny Ramirez got drunk yesterday, came home and slapped around his wife. Hunch. We do know that Man-Ram was booked yesterday into the Broward County jail on a battery charge via a confrontation with his wife, Juliana (pictured). Look, BC has been out front on Manny coverage over the summer and can show you that the guy has pretty much been drunk for the last four months. Dude has been destroying LIV since April.

Via the L.A. Times:

Citing a police report, NBC Miami reported Ramirez’s wife, Juliana, told police he hit her with an open hand during a dispute. The report added she said she hit her head on their bed’s headboard and, fearing further violence, called police.

The NBC report said Manny Ramirez told police his wife hit her head after he grabbed her by the shoulders and shrugged. The police report notes swelling on the left side of Juliana Ramirez’s face, as well as a contusion on the back of her head, NBC reported.

Hmmm, Manny’s side of the story seems totally legit. Not that slapping around his wife is cool, but she is kinda to blame for not divorcing him by now. Should have gotten out back in May when the baseball career was over. Why? Because now she’s stuck in that house with him. Like the guy has anything to do besides go to the mall and drink. What’s he going to do, read books and play Farmville?

[Manny Ramirez arrested for battery]


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