Looking For Oklahoma State Cheerleaders In Bikinis On A Boat? [PHOTOS]

Our buddy, and cheerleader extraordinaire, Asher sent word today that he’d cracked the Oklahoma State cheerleader photo vault and was ready to unload the first batch of Cowgirls in various poses. There’s a new trend in collegiate cheerleading – the quasi-cheerleading bikini photo shoot. It’s not a bikini calendar, but the cheerleaders eventually plaster their Facebooks with the bikini shots.

Oregon cheerleaders did it last year, but never gave us an Asses & Guns Up pose like Okie State.

Remember where you were when Uncle Busted Coverage told you that college cheerleading programs will eventually have bikini calendars. Look, if you’re a state institution and cheerleading is a huge drag on your budget and the ladies are willing to shoot it, why shouldn’t Okie State be allowed to publish a griz rag?

You throw together a few advertisers, sell them for $10 and watch the dopey men pay for that cheerleading team. Let’s start thinking, America. Be an entrepreneur. Take a risk. Don’t let Oregon beat you to the punch.

[More Oklahoma State Bikini Cheerleader Photos – HERE]

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