26 Sweet-Ass Photos Of Gisele In Honor Of Her Sweet-Ass Potato Fries

It must be rough to be Tom Brady.

He’s one of the best players in the NFL, has won multiple Super Bowls, is one handsome bastard, has more money than God and is married to supermodel Gisele Bunchen.

Rough life.

He’s also a target, though and so is his smoking-hot wife and her sweet ass.

Take, for example, the Capitol Lounge in Washington D.C., which has a New England Patriots-themed menu. Along with things like the Ocho-Nachos and Ques-a-Deion, diners can order Gisele’s Sweet-Ass Potato Fries for $6.

You can even add chili and cheese for $3 more.

Oddly, there’s no Tom Brady-themed item on the menu. Although I guess you could argue Gisele’s Sweet-Ass Potato Fries are a Tom Brady-themed item.

If I were Brady, I’d probably be more offended that Deion Branch and Chad Ochocinco have menu items named after them and I didn’t. After all, Gisele does have a sweet ass.

Here’s the evidence.

[Patriots Bar in D.C. Serves ‘Gisele’s Sweet-A** Potato Fries’]