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Washington Nationals Rookies Dressed As Gay Smurf Fluffers [PHOTOS]

The Washington Nationals are keeping things loose, even though they haven’t been playing for anything other than pride for some time.

On Sunday, any rookie on the team who hadn’t dressed up previously was required to dress up as a Smurf.

In all, 16 players donned blue body paint, tight white pants and white caps, except for pitcher Stephen Strasburg, who wore a beard and the signature red pants and cap of Papa Smurf, and catcher Wilson Ramos, who wore a white skirt over blue pants and a blond wig as Smurfette.

“This is what baseball is about,” first baseman Chris Marrero said, “being a rookie and being able to do this with my friends.”

The team played the Smurfs theme on a loop in the clubhouse while the players were getting dressed.

That mush have been nauseating.

[Nationals rookies dressed as smurfs]

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