UPDATE: Montana Football Game Streaker Daniel Thew Was Drunk! [PHOTOS]

Our new Montana-based tipster, Austin, came back with more intel on Grizzlies Streaker Bro. “No word yet on schools reaction, but here are two pics from the game that were posted on our school newspapers website¬†Thanks again mang.” We promptly wrote Austin back and told him to never use ‘mang’ in a thank you email. Anyway, BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich caught wind of the Montana Boy Toy photos.

“Totally watching Brokeback Mountain tonight…teeee heee!,” Rich wrote.

The local Missoula media is fired up on this story. i-Team is locked and loaded. Chicks straight outta the University of Missouri master’s program in their first gig are going balls to the walls on this teenage punk who can’t control his liquor.

The University of Montana sophomore who went streaking during the Griz and Cal Poly game on Saturday told us he was really drunk when he decided to do it. Daniel Thew, 19, is facing an MIP and a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge for the incident.

After his court appearance Monday morning, Thew told us he was really drunk and someone told him he should go streaking, so he did. He said he remembers people chanting “Dan the Man” and then realized he was naked on the football field.

Dan will probably be kicked out of the University of Montana, but there’s always Montana State or Missoula State or something. Military. National Guard. Shoveling cow pies. Something. The guy doesn’t seem to be too devastated by possibly being kicked out of school. Here is his Facebook page.

Just think of the story he’ll be able to tell his future wife. His balls will live in Montana history. Good for Dan.

[Griz game streaker charged, says he was drunk]


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