UCF Bro Fights Cop At Football Game, Gets Tased [VIDEO]

Our buddy Isaac at Guyism was up quite early this morning and hit the football fight jackpot with this video of UCF fan going toe-to-toe with what we assume is an Orlando cop. Notice the rent-an-unemployed-cops are backing up on this one. A Taser is out and MMA cop’s coworker is looking to shiv Phi Psi bro in the kidney. But UCF bro isn’t going down without a struggle.

Watch as cop guy gets Bro into full mount and pretty much end this nonsense.

Posted: Saturday

Premise of Video: George O’Leary said Saturday night was a “great night for UCF,” thanks to a raucous crowd. Then George was tapped on the shoulder and shown this bro vs. cop fight video. In the end, UCF trounced Boston College, 30-3, and fans were able to hit the local bars a little early.

Climax of Video: This one gets moving very quickly. Bro goes to the throat. Cops counter with a Taser to the back.

Conclusion: We’re guessing Bro lost his student season ticket pass. Just a hunch.

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