Pure Michigan! Ann Arbor Cops Pepper Spraying Thugs Post ND [Cuff ‘Em]

Welcome to the Good Time Charleys/Bubble Island/South University Galleria area of the University of Michigan campus very early yesterday morning. It’s where students hang for dollar beers and cheap Thai food. It seems that area was also home to a 2:45 a.m. melee after UM beat ND with that :28 drive. In other news, students at the University of Texas at San Antonio were getting arrested – again – this weekend. And there’s video!

We have at least three UTSA bros getting an escort out of the Alamodome.


Posted: Saturday

Premise of Video: UTSA played its second football game (2nd game in school history) this weekend and fans were still fired up after last week’s epic field rushing that resulted in at least four players visiting with the San Antonio district attorney’s office. This week there was no rushing the field. UTSA lost, but students still got in brawls.

Climax of Video: Looks like the ‘U’ is going to jail with ‘S’. Sorry, no actual brawl video, yet.

Conclusion: UTSA and Michigan in Cuff ‘Em. That’s your hint that the world is coming to an end. (We do have special UGA Cuff ‘Em coverage coming later today. Stay tuned.)

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