Philly Lingerie Football Opener Included Jersey Fail, Post-Game Beer [PHOTOS]

Listen, before we even go any further, let us explain that we cannot show the bare ass of #6 from the Philadelphia Passion from Friday’s LFL opener for the home team and the Tampa Breeze. Company policy, morons.

Anyway, that’s Marirose Roach, the 2010 LFL Offensive Player of the Year. She went for 102 and five touchdowns in the 48-0 trouncing of Tampa.

According to the staff, there were some roster issues for Tampa, which makes the final score a little misleading.

[Roach] would score three more times in the half, one of which was set up by a Jaleesa McCray interception, to give the passion a 26-0 halftime lead.

The second half saw much of the same, as Roach opened the half with another touchdown run. The Passion added two more late scores, one an 18-yard pass from quarterback Christy Bell to Stephanie Orgi, and the other on a 10-yard run from Jenny Butler.

The Breeze, who had four starters suspended, have now lost four straight to the Passion, who will take on the Cleveland Crush in their next game on October 29th.

Four starters suspended? We’re efforting to see what that’s all about. Steroids? Conduct unbecoming of a Lingerie Football League player? Missed bed check?

Our new friend, @Jdreal21, has the screencap of what showed up on MTV2. We’re pretty sure the games are shown live so, as always, viewer discretion advised.

[Passion Jersey Malfunction – YouTube]

[Photos: LFL]

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