Kate Upton Gives Back To Cantor Fitzgerald For 9/11 [Photos]

Okay, you’re right. This has nothing to do with sports.

It does have to do with Kate Upton, though and that might be ever better.

The deliciously sexy model was at financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald Monday making calls for charity.


Because she’s pretty awesome and so is the story of Cantor Fitzgerald.

The firm, which occupied the 101st through 105th floors of the north tower at the World Trade Center was decimated on 9/11. Everyone who was in the office on that fateful day — 658 people — died. The entire company had only 960 employees, so to say the loss was catastrophic would be an understatement.

Instead of closing up shop, Cantor Fitzgerald decided to rebuild. Today the company and a spinoff — BCG Partners — employs 1,500 people.

Some of them got to look at Upton today and we think you should take a moment to look at her too. After all, she’s paying tribute to some of those lost during 9/11.

It’s just the right thing to do.

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