Buck Naked Montana Streaker Wears Trash Bag To Tailgate [PHOTO & VIDEO]

Just received an email from Austin who writes to us about a naked man running around a football field on Saturday: “Hello BC, wats good, On saturday our Grizzlies whomped the shit out of Cal Poly, and my buddy’s roommate went streaking with an entire student section screaming his name… “Dan the Man!” Then there was a video and a Twitter search revealed that naked guy wasn’t arrested.

Montana – Where Dong Runs Wild!

Police only cited the guy for disorderly conduct and released him. The UM administration, on the other hand, says justice will be served.

“We’re not going to tolerate that at all,” said UM Executive Vice President Jim Foley.

In all likelihood, the student – presumably a UM student – will be suspended or expelled for violating the student conduct code come Monday morning, Foley said.

“I assure you, that won’t happen again,” he said.

How exactly does Jim think he’s going to prevent some guy from dropping his pants, smacking his ass at the opponent’s sideline and stealing a cheerleader’s megaphone?

[UM Griz game streaker cited for disorderly conduct after on-field stunt]


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