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Best Of Twitter: Cam Newton Pants Value Just Soared, Suckers! [TWEETS]

When none other than Joe Namath, Bill Bellamy and NBC political analyst Chuck Todd tweet about your rookie performance, that means something. Seriously, just look at those three names. POWER. Prestige.

Bellamy is such an NFL fan that he tweeted this morning: My team is the Giants! We got Ely [SIC] Manning. the Costco version of Peyton . Damn we need a better QB!! Anybody coming out of jail?

Look, fools, we told you buying those Cam Newton BCS pants was a wise marketing endeavor. The guy just keeps adding to his resume. Scandal, huge college football victories, Heisman, BCS, NFL Draft and now the greatest rookie opener QB yardage performance in NFL history.

The pants cost us $1,500. Opening bids are now $5,000. Nothing less.


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