Adrian Beltre 15 Bath Mansion Still For Sale: $19.8mm [BC Pad Purveyors]

Once again we are dumbfounded by the excess by which a baseball player lives his life. You think Adrian Beltre really needs 15 bathrooms for a seven bed house? You think Adrian drops his morning deuce in a different toilet for two consecutive weeks in the offseason? Mr. Beltre, who has earned/will earn nearly $88mm in his MLB career, is trying to unload his California mansion. The cost? Just $19.8 million. And the man cave sucks balls. 

Look, we analyze professional athlete homes for a living. It’s our job. Seen bunches of these rich assholes and where they live. Seen lots of useless 900-sq. ft. living rooms. And what’s up with the formal living room that’s totally different from the semi-modern, formal living room. Like how many in-laws from the D.R. can Adrian have visit at once?

That said, Adrian owns a beautiful house – on the outside. Inside this 16,000 sq. ft. house we laid eyes on what can be considered the worst man cave in professional athlete house history. An Ichiro jersey hanging alongside three arcade game? And only one TV in the man cave? Worthless.

The guy has only hit 30 HRs once. He’s only made two all-star teams. He’s driven in 100+ RBIs twice. He’s hit over .300 twice in his career.

And this is the house he owns.

Adrian Beltre House Details:

• Big. Like need GPS to figure out where the little bastard kids are hiding

• Would suit a rich, 50-something chick who hit it big in the movies. Sharon Stone?

• 8 car garage

• 24-hour guarded gate

• 35′ entryway. Yes, morons, that’s a three-story entryway

• 2500 sq. ft. guesthouse

Financing: $19,800,000 = $78,760 monthly mortgage payment

[Buy Adrian Beltre’s California Mansion]

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