Joey Diehl On Epic MMA Gash: “I Knew It Was Going To Be A Bad Cut”


Joey Diehl kinda found us today on Twitter and of course it was in the best interest of Busted Coverage to get the scoop as to how this 22-year-old MMA fighter earned “Greatest MMA Cut In Fighting History.”

One thing led to another and Diehl was telling us how a “lil jump knee” opened him up and turned his face into a horror scene. In a matter of minutes, Joey submitted his opponent and became an instant hero.

According to Diehl:

the fight took place in island lake, IL. for the XFO.. it was an outdoor show the xfo puts on every year called the outdoor war. Its always an awesome card and a lot of fun. this year it was just raining all day.. it was still raining by the time i fought.. so the canvas was still wet. right away in the first round i slipped on the canvas, my opponent josh epps, threw an awesome lil jump knee that landed perfectly on my eyebrow. i caught him in the air and took him down off the knee. i knew right away that it was gonna be a bad cut and i could hear my coach jeff curran, sayin i needed to finish it fast. so i went for the arm triangle first but the blood made it hard to finish, then i transitioned to an armbar but once again, the blood made it difficult to get the tap.. by now the blood was in both my eyes and i couldnt see anything. i transitioned back top and started to throw hard elbows and punches so he gave me the arm triangle again and i just squeezed as hard as i could and finally got the tap lol

to be honest im not really sure how many stitches i got.. quite a few :) it surprisingly didnt hurt all that much. i felt great, maybe if i would have lost, it would have hurt more lol

its pretty cool to have one of the craziest cuts in mma history but only bc i still won the fight.. if i would have lost it wouldnt have been as fun :)

You guys read that? Our boy Joey ‘The Real’ Diehl couldn’t see anything but managed to nearly break a dude’s arm with his face looking like that.

The next time you start complaining about not wanting to get out of bed to hit that desk job, just remember how Joey’s paying the bills.


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