Jered Weaver’s Wedding Registry Includes $17 Splatter Screen

It was announced less than 20 days ago that Jered Weaver signed an $85 million extension with the Angels. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that upon inspection of his wedding registry – November 12 is the big day – that Busted Coverage should announce a big F-YOU to a guy asking for a $17 splatter screen from Great-Aunt Becky who can barely afford the damn cable to watch her multi-millionaire MLB nephew.

We get it, Weaver, family members ‘must’ get a gift or else they feel like it’s not a ‘real’ wedding. We get ‘it’ that your fiancee (Kristin Travis) probably has less fortunate family members that want to get you cute kids a gift, like a waffle maker.

Here’s an idea: no stupid registry at Macy’s. It makes you look like a rich, arrogant asshole. Maybe you are. Maybe not.

So no registry would have been the smart play. You announce that no gifts are needed and that there will be a giant bowl at the reception where folks can empty their piggy banks. All money raised will be used to build a baseball field, buy baseball gloves and feed less-fortunate little kids who want to play baseball. And the Weaver-Travis wedding party will match all contributions.

Instead you’re asking for a quesadilla maker and a $17 splatter screen. Don’t bullshit us. We know that Oxo meat tenderizer will just gather dust. And that stupid cake stand will just be shoved into a closet.

Jered’s 2012 salary= $17,000,000

*We really don’t hate Jered Weaver. In fact, he’ll be getting the quesadilla maker from Busted Coverage.

[Kristin Travis-Jered Weaver Wedding Registry]

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