Infamous Willie Sutton Jr. NYC Bank Robber Is Yankees Fan [Cuff ‘Em]


Meet Jesse Hippolite or Willie Sutton Jr. if you follow him on Facebook. You are looking at what New York cops believe is one of the most prolific bank robbers to hit NYC banks in many, many years. And he’s just 23. Yes, he’s a Yankees fan. Hippolite probably wouldn’t have been busted if it hadn’t been for his stupid ass posting photos of money, champagne and updates about robbing banks.

*Filed under: Royals fan never this stupid.

Why is it the Mets even get screwed out of such exposure thanks to a thug bank robber? Even that guy who shot up a drug store was an Islanders fan.

Anyway, Jesse’s heists are said to go back to December 2010 and his biggest take, police believe, came just after Christmas when he yanked down over $15,000.

So what did that nigga do wit all his cash? Would you believe manicures and pedis? Take a look at his public Facebook account and see for yourself.

Hope he enjoys federal prison. There will be plenty of time to get to know it.

[HT: The Smoking Gun]


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