ESPN’s Matthew Barnaby: Kids Part Of Lucky Sperm Club [TWEETS]

We seem to think that ESPN badboy Matthew Barnaby had second thoughts after posting the following tweet back on August 30. “That is part of the lucky sperm club! I used to get a hose and spray myself!,” Barnaby tweeted and included a photo of two children next to a pool. The post was deleted from his Twitter account, but as most of us know, those pesky Lockerz images still hold the tweet.

Urban Dictionary definitions of what Barnaby was referencing:

a person is a member of this club if they fit the following criteria:

1) they have achieved financial success because of their father’s hardwork but think that they are some kind of business genius
2) they have a general arrogance and disdain for others
3) they think they put their pants on both legs at one time
4) they shit ice cream
5) they were born on third base and think they hit a triple
6) they are one of the dicks that show up at bars with their collars popped up
7) when in a fist fight, they often resort to kicking guys in the nuts then driving off in their shiney cars.

Just a hunch, Matthew was going for #1, #2 and #5. As you surely remember, Barnaby was arrested in May for domestic violence.

And here we figured Barnaby was on the right track and would come back strong to ESPN with a level head, strong work ethic and the elimination of baggage. Instead he’s referencing the lucky sperm club.

[Matthew Barnaby – Lockerz]


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