Anna Kournikova Trading $9mm Junker For $20mm Miami Mansion [Photos]

They say bigger is better.

Anna Kournikova is ditching her current Miami home, which is on the market for $9.4 million, and moving into a yet-to-be-completed $20 million compound with boyfriend Enrique Iglesias.

The home is still a shell of concrete and studs, but when completed, may as well belong to Scarface.

To put the new home in perspective, Kournikova’s old home is 6,600 square feet has seven bedrooms, eight baths, a two-story guest house and a gigantic pool.

The couple spent $9 million on the new property and is spending another $11 million to have the home constructed. Although you can’t tell, RumorFix says the design will be futuristic.

Ah, rich people and their money.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to the real reason we’re all here — pictures of Anna Kournikova doing what she does best.

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