2011 MLB WAG September Call-Ups: DeRosa, DeJesus, Nix, Greinke & McCarthy [60 Photos]

‘Tis that time of year when baseball teams expand rosters, call up a few players who may never sniff a MLB field again and play out the remainder of the season. It’s also that time of year when we need to recognize MLB WAGs that deserve your attention before 2011 ends. We have five candidates and all have under 200 Twitter followers.

Guys, enough with Minka Kelly. Time to move on.

Our WAG roster call-ups:

Emily Greinke: Husband, Zach, will have a huge say in where the Brewers end their season in the playoffs.

Follow: @EmilyGreinke

Heidi DeRosa: Husband, Mark, has been used sparingly this season. Looks like these two will be vacationing early as the Braves seem to have the N.L. Wild Card all but wrapped up.

Follow: NA

Brooke Sorenson-Nix: Laynce Nix hits the WAG HR of the year by snagging former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. The two will be getting married in November, then Laynce will get busy looking for a team to play for in 2012.

Follow: @BrookeNix

Kim DeJesus: Out of nowhere, David DeJesus meets a former Arizona State student, turned teacher, turned spokesmodel. One thing leads to another and he has what could be the hottest unknown WAG in all of MLB.

Follow: @KimDeJesus12

Amanda McCarthy: Still one of our favorite chicks of 2011 in the MLB division of WAG-dome. Who can forget Amanda’s birthday tweet to her husband, Brandon?

Follow: @Mrs_McCarthy32

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