Yes, (Fake) Brett Favre Is At Lambeau Today Thanks To NBC


Of course we weren’t watching The Today Show this morning where Matt, Al, etc. set up shop because otherwise America wouldn’t be watching tonight’s Packers-Saints game. But the local media was given field passes to document the proceedings. That meant Green Bay Press-Gazette reporter Charles Davis could snap photos, including fake Brett Favre meeting with Tony Dungy. Seriously. Like, NBC went out of its way to get this guy more publicity. 

The guy has even gone out of his way to let the beard grow because, you know, it adds to the mystique.

And NBC had this planned – for weeks.

Kirk Ermatinger of Ripon will be a live guest on the “Today Show” and be interviewed by Matt Lauer. We caught up with him at Lambeau Field where a few scenes were being filmed for a promotional video.

“I told them I said I’m saying yes right now it was an honor as a matter of fact I couldn’t believe it was happening would somebody pinch me.” said Kirk Ermatinger.

Shame on you, NBC. Let it die. PLEASE, let us move on. The guy just wants to be left alone and able to sext in privacy down in Mississippi. Maybe rock the grand baby to sleep.

Of course we’re efforting video. You guys hate to hate Brett Favre. Just stoking the fire.


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