INCOMING! Will Venable Leadoff HR Drops Padres Dude [VIDEO]


How many of you get to a September game a couple of pitches too late, grab a beer, maybe a dog and then head for your outfield seat? Happens all the time. So imagine our glee this morning when this video crosses our email inbox. Keith in Oakland couldn’t believe his eyes. “How awful would it be to lose your father to a home run ball off the temple,” he writes. Um, it would be horrific.

Like, kids at school would never let you forget. Never.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Will Venable steps to the plate as the leadoff hitter for the Padres. He’s facing Matt Cain, whom we assume doesn’t throw many leadoff dongs. Ooops.

Climax of Video: That little white spec bounces right off that dude’s head or shoulder, sending him to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Conclusion: Great timing from Venable. Hopefully that guy didn’t die. Such a horrible way to go. You pay for a game ticket and die in the first inning. Totally sucky.

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